Art is a form of therapy

It's no secret that art can really transform a room, but what about your mood?

People often choose to display art in their home for aesthetic reasons, but recent studies have shown that engaging with the arts makes us feel good and help rebalance our bodies. 

Almost all of us have experienced the surprisingly strong rush of good feelings that looking at certain pieces of art can trigger. This rush of positivity is more than just a basic appreciation of colour or form - it’s actually an inevitable neurological effect. Professor Semir Zeki, a neurobiologist with the University of London, proved this. Zeki scanned the brains of volunteers while they viewed 28 works of art and discovered when a person views art they find beautiful, it triggers an immediate release of dopamine in the brain - a chemical related to feelings of love, pleasure, and desire. 

Studies have also identified a link between looking at art and the normalisation of heart rate, blood pressure and even cortisol levels. Viewing art, even for a minute a day, is a chance for us to switch off and to give our brains and bodies a moment to pause, reflect, and refresh.

These scientific studies simply prove what I have personally experienced through art. Like many, I have never been ‘taught’ how to paint. I started painting because it was my form of therapy and it brought me joy. I never expected my painting skills to grow so quickly and never imagined there would be people wanting to buy my art. Experiencing the personal benefits of creating art is one thing, but seeing the joy it brings to viewers has been so much more rewarding. 

It is now my mission to share more art with others and inspire others to do the same.





New here but looking at your paintings, they are amazing!


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